Your Dental Health

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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Beyond just looking nice, your teeth and mouth play important roles in your nutrition, breathing and overall health. Keeping your smile dazzling and healthy requires a good at-home dental care routine in addition to regular dentist visits.

Proper Brushing

Brushing your teeth removes food particles and bacteria from your mouth. As food breaks down, bacteria flourishes and tooth decay and gum disease can start.

For brushing your teeth, choose a soft brush with rounded bristles and use it at least twice a day, or after each meal. To properly clean your teeth:

  • Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle
  • Use small, circular motions to clean all surfaces of the teeth, gums, and tongue
  • Use gentle pressure and do not brush too hard or scrub your teeth
  • Replace your toothbrush every three months


Brushing your teeth will leave your mouth feeling fresh and will remove large amounts of food and bacteria. However, brushing alone is not enough to access all the areas of your mouth. Brush bristles cannot access the spaces between teeth and can leave food particles trapped. Daily flossing helps to prevent tooth decay by cleaning these hard-to-reach spaces.

There are many types of floss available. Whether you choose standard floss, floss picks, or pre-threaded floss holders, picking the right type for you is important in establishing a healthy flossing routine.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

Good dental care starts at a very young age, even before your child’s first tooth appears. Before your child has teeth, use a soft damp cloth to remove bacteria from their gums. An infant-sized toothbrush can be used to gently clean their first teeth and flossing should start as soon as there are two teeth next to each other. Early dental care establishes a routine that your children will carry on with throughout their life.

Routine Dental Visits

At-home dental care is the first step in maintaining a healthy smile. However, a complete dental health routine requires a team approach.

Visit us at Feels Like Family Dentistry every six months for professional cleaning and a complete dental exam. Routine dental visits are an important part of preventing gum disease and maintaining healthy teeth.

Not only can we provide professional cleanings and exams, we can also help you establish an at-home dental care routine that will keep your smile dazzling between visits. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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