Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Regularly scheduled preventative care visits combined with at-home daily care will keep your smile shiny and bright for years to come. Preventative care helps you to avoid cavities, gum disease and the need for expensive dental work.

Preventative Dental Care at Home

Daily oral hygiene can prevent most dental problems. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly prevents tartar build up which can lead to periodontal disease and cavities. Up to twelve years, children are most prone to cavities due to poor brushing habits. Teaching them early how to thoroughly brush their teeth will pay lifelong dividends towards their overall oral health.

Preventative Care at Feels Like Family Dentistry

While brushing and flossing is an important first step in preventative care, regular dental visits for all family members are a critical component of your oral health. We recommend at minimum bi-annual dental hygiene visits which allow our professional hygienists to remove tartar build up from the gum line, check for cavities and assess your overall oral health. We may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth and/or sealants to further protect your teeth from decay. During our comprehensive examinations, our dentists also provide an important early screening for oral cancers of the mouth, tongue, lips and throat.

During your regular check-up, should our dentists or hygienists discover a problem, we can recommend appropriate treatment. Scaling and root planning can improve gum health in patients who have periodontal disease. Decayed teeth can be saved through fillings, root canals and crowns, eliminating the need for more aggressive and invasive treatments. Regular checkups allow us to catch these problems early, which means less restorative in the future, and avoiding any unnecessary pain and infections. 

Oral health affects more than just your mouth. Poor oral health has been linked to a number of chronic health conditions including diabetes and heart disease. Feels Like Family Dentistry can help you address your oral health issues and provide caring, personalized, preventative care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

I so appreciate Ms Francis, and Dr Warren for the warm welcoming during my first visit. Ms Francis you are truly a blessing, from making my appointment to my arrival and departure. You were right there. Thank you so much. Everything you told me about Dr. Warren was true. She really is something special????. Thanks again for the support and encouragement.

April B.