Comprehensive Dental Exams

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Your Destination for Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams include much more than the general checkups and cleanings you had as a kid. They are thorough evaluations of your oral health history and the current health of your mouth, teeth, gums, neck, jaws and throat. Performed over time, these exams can tell you a lot about your teeth and gums. They can detect oral cancers and gum diseases in their early stages, and also examine the condition of any previous dental work done on your teeth. It’s an important tool that your dental team at Feels Like Family Dentistry uses to formulate a long-term care strategy for your oral health.

What’s Involved in a Comprehensive Exam?

To help answer your questions about our comprehensive exam, our team at Feels Like Family Dentistry created this handy FAQ list of the common questions we often come across:

Q: “When should I have a comprehensive exam done?”
A: It is generally recommended that patients receive a comprehensive exam of their oral health every 3 to 5 years in order to correct potential health problems before they become serious. Changes in your dental routine or major health are also opportune times to get a comprehensive exam done.

Q: “How long does it take to have a comprehensive exam?”
A: A proper evaluation performed by an experienced dental team will take a little longer than your average teeth cleaning appointment, so plan to be there approximately an hour and a half.

Q: “Does a comprehensive exam include screenings?”
A: They certainly do. Our practice usually performs digital X-Rays, an oral cancer screening, and a screening for signs of gum disease.

Q: “I’m new to comprehensive dental exams. What’s involved?”
A: Glad you asked! Our comprehensive exams begin by examining the health of your teeth, gums and the bones around them. We will evaluate your bite, perform a thorough cleaning and fluoride treatment, and take photos of your mouth using an intraoral camera. We will also use digital X-Rays to check for hidden problems and perform gum disease and oral cancer screenings from your mouth to your jaw and neck.

Q: “How do I schedule a comprehensive dental exam?”
A: Scheduling dental appointments is easy at Feels Like Family Dentistry. Simply give us a call or request an appointment online today. We look forward to seeing you!

Great staff and professional dental experts. Greeted me coming into the office and helped to mitigate any COVID -related restrictions. Once seated, I was treated like a family member during both my cleaning and dental exams. Love the hygienist and dentist, they were both gentle and helpful in determining an affordable course of action to restore my smile and tooth structure. Coming from another state, this really does feel like family and I think the level and cost of care are just right for me and my family. I am happy we decided to get our dental care here!!!

Chris M.